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Teach Science Well.

With Inquiry in Action, you can teach physical science and chemistry concepts using an inquiry-based approach that supports national content standards.

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Review Chemistry Fundamentals

  • Water

    Learn about the composition of water and its attraction for itself.

  • Physical Change in Solids

    Learn about the characteristics of a physical change and the chemistry of solubility.

  • Physical Change in Liquids

    Learn about the forces that hold together different types of liquids.

  • Dissolving

    What is dissolving? How can you predict what liquids will dissolve in other liquids? Find out.

  • Chemical Change

    Learn how to recognize a chemical reaction and and understand temperature changes.

  • States of Matter

    Review state changes in water and how to tell the difference between temperature and heat.

  • Density

    Learn how to easily define density and how the density of a substance can be changed.

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